What are the bandwidths and LBT(Listen-Before-Talk) or duty cycles Reach RS LoRa is using?

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thinking about buying a Reach RS, but not sure about the free frequency bands and the restrictions.

there is stated that "The Korea frequency regulations impose specific duty-cycles or LBT(Listen-Before-Talk) on devices for each sub-band. Most channels used by LoRaWAN have a duty-cycle as low as 2%. " and “The LoRa specification defines 125 kHz channels for the 920-923 MHz ISM Band that must be supported by all devices”.

Unlike the European government, the Korean government Listen-Before-Talk(LBT) transmission management.

A node with data tosend in LBT first detects whether a radio channel is being used by another node (listening) beforetransmitting data (talking). When in use, it jumps to another channel and starts listening again. Koreanregulations require that the node continues sensing a channel for more than 5 ms during the listeningstep, and a sensing threshold of−65 dBm has been defined. In addition, the transmission mustbe completed within 4 s. The sending node remains idle for more than 50 ms after a successfultransmission.

ex) Korea LoRa frequency regulations

  1. LORA_SF = SF7~SF12
  2. LORA_BANDWIDTH = 125kHz
    *Use a non-overlapping channel and the continuous occupancy time per channel should be within 0.4 seconds
  3. Duty-cycles = 2%
    *The occupancy time of a specific channel must be within 2% during a random 20 second period
  4. LBT(Listen-Before-Talk)
    *LBT(Listen-Before-Talk) : Transmit radio waves only when the received signal strength is -65 dBm or less after receiving more than 5 ms before transmission, and stop transmitting within 4 seconds and pause for more than 50 ms.

What are the bandwidths and LBT(Listen-Before-Talk) or duty cycles Reach RS LoRa is using?

  1. LORA_SF = ?
  3. Duty-cycles = ?
  4. LBT(Listen-Before-Talk) = ?

How do they enforce these rules? Do they have people actively scanning all channels?

I am from rural Canada, I am lucky if I get cellphone reception.

Edit: I just realized who your neighbours to the north are.

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Hi @outeyekil,

You can use Reach receivers according to the Korea frequency regulations. There are no limitations that are applicable to Reach’s LoRa radio modules in the country. We have customers that successfully work with our units there.

For more details on your request, I believe it might be more convenient to contact our dealer in South Korea directly.

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