What are binaries?


I’ve heard a lot of talk about binaries after I started working on a UAV. I have even installed them. But i don’t know exactly what it is, and finding information about it on the Internet is not easy.

I need this for a report I’m writing. If someone could explain in short what binaries are I would be happy :slight_smile:


I just like to think is another language, another level of communication. One that computers understand
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Is binaries the code used in the firmware? when talking about quod, hexa and octo have their own binaries.

And if you fly a drone autonomously does it not convert the code to binary at some point?

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Binærkoder 1010101110 osv kjøres på maskin nivå men ikke lett for oss å lese, så har du kildekode og andre språk som c++, pyton osvosv som gir instrukser til maskin. Disse er ofte enveis og disse kan du finne i programvaren.

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Vil du si at dette er en god definisjon på binaries?

Binaries: are programs communicating in binary code which defining the frame and behavior of the multicopter.

I ll leave that answer open for now. Somebody else might give a shoot at this :slight_smile:
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Appears you have the right idea. bin files instuct the processor in it’s language.

RTKLIB has a separate directory for Windows bin files at GITHUB.
For linux, I think you must compile your own.

Reach takes care of this.

I’ll give it a go as well:

All data stored and processed by your computer is binary. At the lowest level each bit of data is either a 1 or a 0. So one could say that all files are binary. But this is not what people mean when they say, “binaries”.

When one writes a program, it is written in a language that is easily understood by a human*. Usually, the language is one that uses normal words and symbols. After a program is written in a human-readable language, it is usually translated (or compiled) into a binary (or hexadecimal, etc.) language that the computer can understand and process efficiently. These translations are the binary files which are referred to as, “binaries”.

*of course, there are exceptions and also exceptional people who can write programs directly in hexadecimal, for example.