What antenna is in the RS2, and by whom is it made?

With many thanks to a dealer in Australia for sending in the requisite number of RS2 receivers to Geoscience Australia in September of 2022, there are absolute antenna calibration data for the internal GNSS antenna for the RS2 in the frequencies for G1 & G2 and R1 & R2.


Values for the RS2+ are qualified, but also included in the .atx file - https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/ANTCAL/LoadFile?file=ngs20.atx

I’m hoping to understand further details concerning the RS2’s antenna including any off-the-shelf OEM information, who makes it, etc.; e.g.,


Hi Kelly,

We can hardly share any info here. There is a custom build antenna inside.


That’s fine, thank you for the rely Liudmila.

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