What am I overlooking?

I’m not sure what I’m overlooking but I’m not able to connect to local cors network corrections.
I use a Trimble R2 with the network service account without any problems connecting.
I’m been lurking the forum for the past few months with the hopes of self solving this.

My Reach View is up to date at v2.10.0. My android phone is connecting to Reach via its Wifi connection.

Here’s a link for info regarding the service.

Based on the the service information, can anybody suggest the appropriate correction input settings?

Ultimately I would configure my Android phone to pull in internet corrections with its mobile data and bluetooth connect to Reach. At that point use Reach view or ArcGIS Collector app to collect points.

Any thoughts?


Should be this:

“My android phone is set to provide a Wi-Fi hotspot with internet access. Reach is set to connect to that Wi-Fi hotspot to retrieve the WISCORS data from the Internet.”


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Thanks… I’m happy to say I finally got it to all work. I must say its somewhat counter intuitive. Connecting the Reach module to the phone’s hotspot is understandable now that I got it working… what’s odd is if using the phone as a collector the only way to use Reach module is via the mobile browser not the installed Reach View app itself.

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I think once you get the idea that Reach is a device separate from your phone and it requires Internet access to get that correction feed directly, everything will fall into it’s right place.

That should not be the case. So, you had trouble connecting to ReachView via the app when your phone is in hotspot mode?

Please share your phone’s make and model. Can you try force closing the app, opening it and rescanning?

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