WGS84 to ITRF08

Are there any online services or software that can convert the coordinates of the WGS84 reference frame to ITRF08 or other frames?


and this maybe



first transform coordinates to Cartesian and then Cartesian to the frame of reference. what I do not understand what would be the ETRF framework to get to ITRF

Depends. Are you doing ppp or using correction?

ppp no ​​problem I use an online service and I get it in ITRF08. And from that result my work will already be referred to that frame of reference. The problem is when I want to use a reference station where I want to combine measurements in different systems. EMLID only uses a single reference system the WGS84. I hope you can understand me

WGS84 (g1762) is equal essentially to ITRF08 and IGS08 unless your WGS84 data is produced with a correction source that is based on a different datum or epoch.

I use HTDP from NGS NOAA but that may not work for you

Thank you for your answer, the problem is that Argentina Posgar 2007 the reference ellipsoid is the GRS80 to differences with the previous system Posgar 94 was referred to the WGS84. Now, if Posgar 2007 is equivalent to ITRF 08, it is in a different framework, one GRS80 and another WGS84.

If you are just using online tool and your goal is absolute PPP position with millimeter accuracy, you`re in for a minefield of traps. Its recommende to use a local dedicated transformation tool for you area. The european tool i linked to might not be the right one for you, its designed to do translation on the Eurasian Plate.

E.g for my area in Norway, this means 5 steps to get me in the 2-4cm ballpark with PPP.
With a 2hour observation processed at NrCan, the XYZ ITRF2014 before WGS84 translation is used.

Next is 5 step translation:
-ITRF2014-ITRF2000 no velocities
-ITRF2000-ETRF2000 no velocities
-ETRF2000 (used epoch) - ETRF2000 (Epoch 2000 which coincide with common refrence frame at epoch 2000) velocities used
-ETRF2000 (epoch 2000)- ETRF93 (Epoch 2000) no velocities

and final step
-ETRF93(epoch 2000) - ETRF93 (epoch used for PPP) velocities used

Final steps is concide with our national refrence frame EUREF89 at millimeter level
Importat thing during these steps is to use a proper 𝑇𝑋/𝑇𝑌/𝑇Z speed model and intraplate deformation values.

With this generic model i used, it will only get me in the ballpark , hence 2-4cm of target.


Thank you very much for your help

wow thats a long complex route to a solution
(edit: im sure your doing it right its just allot of work)

Yea, not the normal way one would do. But its free
It could be done with one click in a software, but it cost 100£ for a license

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