Wet emlid reach m2

I got 2 of my emlid reach m2 (probably they were turn on while getting the rain) outside in the rain recieving water for a few hours. I take them out of the rain, but I do not know what to do to turn them on in a safe manner. After dry them off, it should be fine to turn them on o should I do something else? What are your advices?

I would pack the M2’s in some rice or a descecant overnight, probably a day or two depending on how long it was in the rain. I would change out the rice if it feels wet. This will probably absorb most if not all of the moisture in the unit.

When I run mine, I keep it in a waterproof hip bag along with my battery hanging off the bipod. I then place a 1 gallon ziplock bag over the M2 bag. I also keep a ziplock bag over my RS2 if it’s raining or the threat of rain. The bag for the RS2 doesn’t affect the reception of GNSS signals.


Hi Bruno,

It’s hard to tell when it is safe to turn on the module because water might have seeped inside. Really ensure that the device is completely dry before powering it on.

Also, the M2 module is not built to be waterproof. For waterproof receivers, we offer such as the Reach RX, RS2+, and RS3.

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