Weird time difference between dji drond and M+

I try to sync timeline between djimavic2 pro and reach m+.
I shoot a video to my cellphone’s screen,and cut every frame to picture. like follow picture.

After that, I try to use video’s SRC file and M+'s LLH file to sync timeline.

(the first picture’s fourth line is dji’s time,and the second picture is m+'s LLH file.)
Combine these pictures ,the time difference in different machine is about 8 hours 3 seconds.
I originaly thought it is utc in dji and gpst in m+.
I think their difference is 18 seconds.
The 3 seconds is weird.
Do i have any fault in this experiment?

Hi @qzmp69375,

You’re right. Reach M+ LLH logs contain the GPST. As far as I know, DJI uses UTC. The difference in UTC and GPST indeed constitutes 18 leap seconds.

However, I can hardly be of further help with that because we haven’t conducted such tests. Also, we haven’t got any out of the box solutions for a Reach M+ and DJI Mavic 2 Pro integration since DJI drones have a proprietary ecosystem.

Thanks for your answer!
I still can’t find out that how the 3 sec generate.
Even though there are some delay ,from 18sec to 3sec still too weird.
Maybe next time I do it again ,the difference disappear. :joy:

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