Weird differences in serial & NTRIP rover inputs

I have setup 2 Emlid Reaches for RTK (one base one rover).

I’m seeing some unexpected differences when connecting to NTRIP casting server.

Scenario 1: Connect to caster using the ReachView NTRIP settings in the correction input tab. This works beautifully and I am getting the base station data for all satellites.

Scenario 2: Connect to the caster using RTKLib str2str on a Raspberry Pi and send the data to the Emlid Reach via Serial (USB-to-PC). I’ll explain why I’m doing this below, but in this scenario the Emlid only appears to see GPS satellites. The Glonass and Galileo satellite info does not appear in the rover (as greyed bars).

The reason I need to send the data to the rover via serial is that I am using a 3G modem that only supports PPP, not cdc_ether. So I have the modem connected to RasPi and I am using RTKLib str2str on the RasPi to connect to the NTRIP caster and send the data to the Emlid Reach via the USB port.

The caster is obviously working properly, because when using the Emlid native NTRIP client I get base data for all sats. I just can’t figure out if the problem is on the RasPi RTKLib str2str side, or on the Emlid Reach serial interface. Here’s the command I’m using on the RasPi to send the data to the Reach:

str2str -msg 1097,1020,1127,1107,1019,1117,1008,1006,1010,1002 -p 45.4710035806 -73.6255964226 45.480 -in ntrip:// -out serial://ttyACM6:115200:8:n:1:off#rtcm3

Is there any way I can verify that the RTKLib str2str on the RasPi is properly forwarding the Glonass sat data? Also, is there any major difference between how data is interpreted when input via the NTRIP client or via the serial interface?

Overall, your launch options look good. I would try not converting the data and dropping the -msg option. If you don’t specify format(the #rtcm3), no conversion will be performed and data will be sent as it is. This will likely help.

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Your suggestion worked like a charm! Amazing. Thanks!

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