WEBINAR to clarify and present PPK method using DJI drones


I’m João from Brazil. I’ll present a webinar that will present the PPK method using DJI drones. The presentation will be in Portuguese (sorry who don’t understand, I think that is almost everyone) but after the presentation, we will publish the video on youtube with English subtitles. I think that it will be possible to understand because on the presentation has a lot of images to explain how it works!

If you want to attend to this webinar please register at: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/26/nkow7a75



Very excited to hear what you have going on and how it compares to what we do in Austin, TX US! Can you share more about the hardware you are using?

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I might get one of these soI can watch more foreign webinars! :wink:

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We developed in Brazil a system which uses Emlid Reach. Our system made possible to use PPK on DJI drones.
We also have a software to geotag the images

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We have a similar system and have been very happy with the results. Can’t wait to see how you approached it.

You can watch the webinar on:


You made your own PPK system?

Yes, we did!

You can see the presentation: KIT-PPK-GUANDALINI_en2.1.pdf (3.0 MB)


I wonder if the system is compatible with a matrices 600 pro

Looking at the PDF above it has the Matrice 2xx series os maybe it is only because of a specialized mount? GPS systems are what they are besides the camera capture so maybe just fashion your own mount. In that case why not just use the Emlid RS2/M2 setup?

We already developed for M2 and RS2!

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What drones do you support? Is it a module or a configuration that requires taking apart the aircraft?

For now, we do support:
Phantom 4 Adv/Pro
Mavic 2 Pro
Matrice 200&210

We sent full package without Reach and you attach on your drone.

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I just checked it out from the video on your website and it looking pretty nicely done. Have you ever seen or had any interest in collaborating you unit with the Vanavara AShot. This would remove the need for the battery (that is mounted SO far in front) and would provide better timing of the events captured. Yours is so far up front that there is the need for a considerable offset in order to correct align the antenna/event with the center of the focal point. Do you think about 5cm?

What is the cost is USD?

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I think there is no need to collaborate since Vanavara now offers
a) a complete upgrade kit with Ashot and M2 and
b) a L1/L2 kit based on ublox and their own development

I have their M+ Kit and now ordered their proprietary L1/2 solution.

Very happy with their products.

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