Weak RTK signal P4M

Hello everyone.

I’m having problems wit integrating the Phantom 4 multispectral with corrections using EMLID caster. I don’t know where the issue is; whether the RS2 side or the drone side.

Error on the drone app says:

Weak RTK signal (8012)

It says its fixed, buy in yellow. This also happens with UgCS, here it says’: Connected. Not in use. ’ and also a message of ‘Weak RTK signal’

This happens some times, when I change battery it will either fix well or not, it doesn’t seem to change during the flight so far.

I tried restarting the drone, controller, ipad or android device connected to the controller. Couldn’t do the base because it is probably 1 km away, but same thin happened it being maybe 200 m away.

Didn’t have this trouble with P4R last week, and I’ve been using the same config on the RS2.


Hi Daniel,

Welcome to our community!

What you can check:

  • Ensure the Internet connection is stable. From the Reach RS2 side, you can try another Wi-Fi network, mobile hotspot, or a SIM card.

  • Check that the drone and the base are placed in a rather open area without RF interference. It allows them to obtain good-quality satellite signals.

If you have another GNSS receiver, you can also make a quick test: connect it as a rover to the Reach RS2 base and check if the correction input via the Emlid Caster works smoothly.