We are back from Intergeo 2017!

Originally published at: https://emlid.com/emlid-intergeo-2017/


Last week we’ve exhibited at Intergeo 2017 and just recently returned from Berlin! It was an amazing show, thanks to everyone who visited our booth during the event! Reach RS was of great interest to hundreds of Intergeo participants and it was thrilling to see the warm reception of Emlid receiver by geospatial community!


From left to right: Patrick Neuhauser from General Laser, @igor.vereninov, @denis.nikolaev, @dmitriyershov, @mikhail.avkhimenia, Ivan Tochev from General Laser and @efedorov

We’ve received great feedback and answered thousands of questions about Reach applications in surveying, mapping, archaeology, precision farming and many others! Thanks to the awesome team of our European dealer General Laser we had the opportunity to talk to more people and demonstrate that RTK GNSS can be simple and accessible!


We also want to thank @Brian_Christal, @Jacob_Wall, @Simon_Allen, @TB_RTK, @bide, @Luke_Wijnberg, @achiii, @antonio.arns1, @adam.g, @Andreas_Ortner, @Brent_W, @Johannes_Eberenz, @JeffT38, @alistair for sharing amazing content for our video presentations making our stand so attractive!


See you next year on Intergeo 2018 in Frankfurt!


Emlid team


Hi Dmitriy
Very good the repercussion of the publications that you have done.
Do you think the publication of my case has met your expectations?
I picked up an area where I first made the correction of the base point after I started to do several flights, at different altitudes, all the flights corrected with this first base collection, and I’m having map displacements in some cases a displacement of up to 4 meters in the axis xy, I’m trying to develop a product to copy planting lines, so I’m flying between 160m and 220m with 80 side lap to 75 side lap, 80 always overlap. Could you please tell me how to fix this?