Vs Tersus UAV solution

What are the advantages of the Emlid Mapping kit vs Tersus UAV PPK solution?

Tersus specs it states that it can receive double frequencies L1/L2

I suppose Emlid also receives double frequencies?

Could you clarify this issue?

Hi @alhinc

Apparently, my opinion may be considered biased, but as we don’t have other responses in this thread, I’ll try to provide objective answer.

While Reach is L1 only receiver, it’s capable of centimeter accuracy and it works great for UAV mapping (you can check the forum and find a variety of projects). It’s easy to integrate and work with, thanks to documentation and ReachView app (available for iOS/Android and via web-browser). We also have the fantastic community here ready to help :slight_smile:

Still, the final decision on choosing a PPK system depends on your goals. Perhaps you can tell us more about your project here?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your response. We had experimented before with a reach M+ onboard an experimental fixed wing auv and we were able to process the data PPK using a Rinex session of a close base station. This was thanks to the documentation and user community support. This experiment was done with equipment facilitated from a friend, so we decided it was a good option to buy. But then, we saw the add by Tersus AUV PPK solution, and had second thoughts about Emlid mapping kit.

We would like to use it on fixed wing or multirotors AUVs, to do PPK or RTK. But also, sometimes we would like to use it on ground applications for surveying. I think that the Emlid Mapping kit would more suitable to do both. But we had some doubts about the single and double frequencies, which option would be more precise.

Alejandro Hinojosa

Hi @alhinc,

Thanks for sharing the review!

I think Reach UAV Mapping Kit will suit your workflow. Just want to remind, that for doing RTK with M+ you’ll need to use an external radio module. Although you can use TCP connection the range will be less.

As for the frequencies, if you’re working within the reasonable baseline, then you don’t need to worry about lack of precision.


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