VRS service


I have a question about using VRS correction with RS+.
Everything in correction input is set correctly and I can see I am connected to VRS service.
My question pop up when I see the base line in status that shows 3.8km.
That distance is exactly the nearest national gps base station where I can get correction setting RTK_NRT_RTCM3.
I was suppose with VRS mode to have base line 0 or close to 0m.
Is correct?

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I am guessing the themiddle section of the data stream RTK_NRT_RTCM3, NRT is an abbreviation for nearest tower. Nearest tower is not VRS.

What other streams do you have available?

Hi @Davide1288,

Did I get correctly that RTK_NRT_RTCM3 is the name of the mount point you connected to? Does your NTRIP caster provide other mount points?

That’s correct.
The national gps correction provides also RTK_VRS_RTCM3.

The VRS stream should put your base location at less than 10m


Did I get correctly that everything works fine now?

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