VRS Network Question

What is the most affordable VRS network in the Midwest? I was looking at Trimble VRS now service but Im unsure on what service is needed for drone mapping based on the solution below.

Base = The VRS Network
Rover = RS2
GCP’s will be used for RTK and PPK

These are the choices they have: (what base can I start with?)

|||Survey Regional VRSNow RTK GNSS 1 Year|79780-71|$1650.00||
|||Survey Continental VRSNow DGNSS 1 Year|79780-41|$350.00||
|||Survey Continental VRSNow RTK GNSS 1 Year|79780-61|$3300.00||
|||Survey Continental VRSNow RTK GNSS 100 Hour (1 Year Limit)|79780-65|$1200.00||
|||Survey Regional VRSNow RTK GPS 1 Year|79780-78|$1200.00|

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If you go with a Trimble network make sure they put you on an RTCM plan that Emlid’s can use and not the proprietary Trimble RTX.

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Do I need the VRSNow RTK GNSS or can I use the less expensive VRSNow RTK GPS?

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I am not sure what the difference is. Each provider has their own terminology.

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If that is the terminology, it would seem that the cheap option would only contain the GPS constellation. That makes it quite unattractive for anything but old legacy receivers.

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Hi, Try this one as well. I should be cheaper. website is http://wwwintelligent-pm.co.uk/
Hope this helps

What does “Midwest” mean to you?

I’ve used Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota CORS systems with an RS2 that have ‘net’ (VRS type) CORS for free.

I’ve seen a map around that shows which states have free CORS. Illinois, for example, does not.

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you want the survey regional GNSS. Be sure to look at this coverage map though because it may not cover your area. You should be able to get RTCM 3.1 out.

That is correct. The GPS one is only the GPS constellation.

Why not contact your state 's Geodetic Survey division or state highway departments ? Sometimes their fees are considerably lower than commercial accounts and might be free with a nominal setup fee.

Our SC Geodetic Survey department maintains our RTN/VRS and the fee is $50/month or $600/year. Pretty low cost considering it’s available 24/7 and downtime is mostly nominal for software/firmware updates.

Also, I’d contact some local land surveyors as they probably have info too. Some may have local access to their own group networks amongst themselves.

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