Voltage Input specifications for ReachRS

We have a solar panel that outputs 18V when it is fully charged and we are trying to power a Reach RS unit via USB port. We have a voltage regulator so when the voltage is over 5V it will drop it down, but we are concerned about the minimum voltage that the Emlid can receive. When the panel is not fully in the sun it will be giving an output of less than 5V and with the regulator it will provide a voltage to the Reach RS unit of less than 5V…
Is this okay or should we configure another solution to keep the Reach RS unit charged?

Doesnt your regulator have diode the keeps the flow not running in the wrong direction?
Almost all quality PV panels is build in with diode, but your regulator should have one too.

If the regulator output is less than 5V, then you should remove it. If your solar panel output is less than 5V during some parts of the day or night, then Reach RS will not be charging during those times.

If your solar panel maximum output voltage is 18V, then this is fine for Reach RS. You may want to connect the panel directly to Reach RS without a regulator.

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We also have a diode in our circuit.

We are charging via USB so we have to make sure that the voltage is at 5V. If we take regulator off the input into the Reach RS would be 18V which would be too much

My question is that if it will be harmful to allow the power source to be plugged in if it is producing less than 5V in the micro USB.

Can you charge via External power input?

From the specs

Battery life:
30 hours
Charging port:
MicroUSB 5V
External power input:

Wouldn’t assume “harmful”.

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