Viewing base corrections data


I have an RS2 and want to view the base corrections output that’s in RTCMv3 format over UART. Is it possible to view this data through a serial terminal like PuTTY? If not, how so?

The RS2 has a single solution and the logging shows that the base correction logs are empty. I have the base coordinates set with corrections input and position output turned off just in case. Is there something I missed during setup? Does the RS2 need to have atleast a float solution to begin outputting corrections through UART?


Hi @hrti,

I believe it won’t parse the RTCM3 data correctly, and you’re going to see only broken symbols. Do I get right that you want to see this because your RS2 doesn’t send corrections? I’m sure we’ll figure this out without using that method.

How do you want to configure the RTK-link? What are the Corrections output screen settings for your base at the moment? You can share the screenshot from ReachView 3 with me.

Reach base needs to have just any solution to output the corrections to a rover. SINGLE status is enough for it.

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