View Surveys on a different device, same account?

I need to have a member of my team amend a survey by adding additional points, however after logging onto my account on his device, I can see and access my survey, but the points are not visible. Is there some sort of lock that prevents this and limits amendment to only the device the survey was created on?

Do they show up if you log into ?

Yes I can see it there but when I logged on through the app on another iphone at the site I couldnt see any points

There is no limitation to only see the points on the device used to capture them. Is the other device on a current version of the app? Perhaps log out and then log back in.

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Hi Maria,

I second Dave’s words. There are no such limitations. But I assume that the data may be not synced.

Does your phone have a connection to the internet? Have you tried to log out and then back into your account on the second device? Was it of any help?

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