Videostream, which settings for other GCs?

i wish to use the videostream in UGCS ground control software, which UDP and TCIP adress has the EMLID Edge controller, or how can i set this?
Do i need the Qgroundcontrol software for starting the streaming?
Or can i open the video stream directly into the browser or other software, like VLC player?

Many thanks i advance for your help!

Hi Fred,

You can ssh to Edge and use information from this guide to configure video streaming with your requirements.

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many thanks!

Hello Dmitry, can you give me a detailed information how can i access/use the videostreaming from the EMLID Edge System to use the videostream into vlc player or an other Ground Control software?
I´m not very experienced with SSH or programming.

Thank you very much!

As we recommend to use QGC for video streaming, we don’t have a guide for another video streaming workflow.
I’d recommend looking through our forum to find some useful threads.

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