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Videostream not works!

(FRED) #1

i have problems with the video streaming, i start the streaming the video stream in the QCS but no image is available.
I´ve changed two different cables and cameras, but no chance.
UDP streaming is on.
I´ve tested it with a second camera, but no image.
At the beginning of configuration of this FC, it works for short time with my Sony A6000 camera, but since days nothing works.
if I plug the Micro HDMI cable into the camera, the display will stay on, it will not turn off.
Which method exists to test the FC or the settings?

(Dmitriy Ershov) #3

Hi Fred, what HDMI-cables did you try?

Please make sure you follow accurately all the steps from this video:

If video streaming doesn’t work, then it must be an HDMI-cable issue. We tested Edge with A6000, it should work fine.

(FRED) #4

i know this tutorial and at the beginning it works with my Sony A6000.
But after some configurations in QGroundcontrol and some test flights, it doesn´t works anymore.
I use the same cable like in this tutorial.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #5

In that case it’s better to reset all settings to default and setup video streaming again.

(FRED) #7

i have resetted the Flight control and the video streaming works properly.
I´ve loaded the settings from the past from the saved file on the pc.
At this moment the videostreaming doesn´t works.
Than i had a moment of inspiration and i remembered that i chang the parameter _thismav id, from 1 (defaul id) to id 66. Than i changed the id to 1 and the videostreaming works again.
This is surely a bug in this system. Because when i use more than one copter i must change the mav id to distinquish the copters.