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Hi Hi, I am a user of EMLID EDGE. Is there a problem with my video stream that can help me see it? My profile
1.QGC for EDGEv3.2.4-edge-2.4
3. My camera is FLIR DUO PRO R can see the output image on the TV but can’t be displayed on QGC for EDGE using EMLID EDGE

Hi @blue0827ww,

Please try with flat HDMI cable that @andrew.yushkevich suggested here:

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Ok, thank you very much for getting a good advice. I will try it, but I know that it is difficult to buy with flat HDMI cable.

Definitely go for the flat ribbon style HDMI cable. Buy them from Alibaba or AliExpress, you can get in touch with the sellers and get the exact length and connector types you need for your Edge (micro HDMI) and camera. The Edge can be quite fickle with HDMI cables, adapters and devices so be prepared to try a few cables to find one that works.

Check the cables and adapters you currently use by:

  1. Plugging in a different, known compatible HDMI device with the Edge (ie GoPro, Runcam, etc). Use the most simplified cable setup as possible (no adapters) to begin with. This will verify your stream settings are set correctly.
  2. Check that the stream continues to work with the known compatible device when you start using all the adapters.
  3. Use the same cables and adapter setup you expect to use on your craft and connect the FLIR camera to the TV.

Depending on where you run into trouble here will determine what the issue is.

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