Very simple questions from noob


  1. If I buy REACH RS - and will use only this device, without paid RTK data, without my own station - just the RS, what accuracy I can get on open air ?

  2. If I want a 1-3cm accuracy I can

a. buy RTK signal
b. make my own station

is that corect thinking ?

to make it easy I should buy 2x RS modules ?
and one will be a station and another wil be a reciver on stick


buy just mapping kit and use this additional “Reach module” tu use it as station or use as receiver and RS use as station?

I am not a geodet, just a simple man who want to have best data possible for best price.

You’ve got everything right, all described variants are working solutions.
Without corrections, in single mode the accuracy is 2.5m.

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