Very large position glitch/drift

v 2.7.3

longitude log, yellow line: ublox m8n, blue line: reach rtk

latitude log, red line: ublox m8n, green line: reach rtk

I install 2 GPS on my copter, GPS1: ublox m8n, GPS2: reach RTK ( I use another reach RTK as base)
During my flight, reach rtk sometimes have very large drift.
my copter did not move when reach rtk start to drift.

It may be unrelated, but I had a very large location glitch just yesterday. I turned on Beidou and Galileo and I got “displaced” about 4km from my base over the course of 1 minute. I was in the middle of a survey so I turned off the satellites and continued as was (20m baseline)

I use GPS + GLONASS in my flight.
By the way. This is not the first time my reach had large glitch. It happened once last week

Is there chance you have the logs, both Reach and ArduPilot?

@egor.fedorov Sure. ardupilot log

2017-08-29 14-11-10.bin (3.8 MB)

reach log (191.2 KB) (201.4 KB) (1.9 MB)


Thank you for reporting the issue, our team came up with a solution and it will be a part of one of the upcoming releases. We need to do some more tests, but it looks like we were able to fix it completely.

I still recommend to revise antenna placement on the drone as the signal does not look that great. Do you have a ground plane in place?

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@igor.vereninov Thank you for response

Do you have a ground plane in place?

Yes. I have a 120mm X 120mm copper as ground plane.

Fixed here.

Thanks a lot. I will update firmware and try it

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