Vertical error when collecting GCPs in average single in same datum

Hi everyone,

I have recently collected some GCPs on a project and when getting back to the desk I have noticed a large error between two points about 3m away from each other (the way the property lies is why they are close) I have included screenshots but I know for a fact there is not a 3m vertical difference between the two points - so must just be an error on collection with Emlid or the receiver and one I didn’t pick up on on site and didn’t expect. Anyone had anything similar?

That’s pretty standard for a Single solution with no corrections. If you are receiving corrections a float can get you within 1m and fixed within 1-2cm.


Interesting thank you

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Hi James,

Agree with Michael: the meter accuracy is expected when you average points with the SINGLE solution. You need a source of corrections to collect them with centimeter precision: an NTRIP service or your own base.

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