Version 2.20.7 stable - where download?

I need stable version 2.20.7. where can i download it?

You must make a reflashing of the unit and download the image 2.20.8 which is available
EMLID documents are explained

can’t download version 2.20.7 anywhere? I had version 2.20.8, but it seems to give the wrong solution in fix mode. I wanted to go back to version 2.20.7 to check it out

The evaluation versions are not working well and the only image available is 2.20.8

Hi @marcin,

For now, v2.20.8 is the latest stable version with many issues fixed. We always recommend updating the firmware to the latest version available as our App constantly improves.

There are no changes in the RTK algorithm between v2.20.7 and v2.20.8. May I ask you to describe your issue in more detail?

I have big differences in measurements. I put the RS2 on a tripod and measured several hours (point measurement every 30s.)
Differences around 30cm for the X, Y, Z coordinates

How long is your baseline?
What does your environment look like?
Can you upload the logs?

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