Venom 30C 6S lipo battery - Charger?

I bought a Venom 30C 6S 3200mAh 22.2 LiPO Battery to use it in my project but i don’t have a charger. Wondering if you guys may recommend one, not too expensive of course. Also i think i will need a XT60 Female Adapter for the power module right?


We are using Hyperion EOS 0606i for a long time, but now there are many options from China (IMAX B6AC). It is only 50W though, so would charge 6S at something like 2A (1.5 hours charge time).

Power module has XT60, but 6S is not supported. You can grab any 6S power module that says “pixhawk compatible”. It is important as we have 3.3V ADC (as Pixhawk) and if you try to measure 6S battery voltage you can fry it.

Ok Thank tou. I bought a new power module after your response. Before I plug in everything, i will post my configuration to be sure it’s right… Thanks