Various questions: Wifi sharing, power consumption, latency, effect of transient loss of wifi or gps

It really looks like Reach is what I am looking for. My project will be tracking several (maybe up to 20) moving vehicles on a track. The track will have good wifi coverage as this is used for control. Vehicle speeds will be up to 40 km/h.

I have a few pre-sales questions before I order a kit, and it appears that Emlid expects them to be asked here in the forum, so here goes…

  • Multiple rovers on one station - Any limitations beyond wifi network saturation?

  • Effect of transient loss of wifi or gps on position stream? Eg tunnels. (Also how are plans to use inertial measurement to handle loss better?)

  • Latency and frequency of rover data points? Expect good wifi coverage of area that rover moves in, so low ping.

  • Power consumption of Reach + antenna when operational as a rover.

  • Is it possible to share IP connection with (e.g.) Raspberry Pi?

  • How long before Galileo is ready? (Should I invest in Galileo-compatible antenna from the start?)