Utilizing Reach on PX4 stack

I just purchased and received the Reach and Reach RS.
I would like to utilize it in a commercial application, however, I haven’t found any documentation on it’s integration with PX4 (a lot of devices that work with ArdruPilot also work fairly seamlessly with PX4).

I so far like the built in app and control of the Reach/Reach RS but due to a variety of constraints ArdruPilot is simply not an option (for instance I need the use of a state estimator like LPE in PX4).

I know that PX4 does utilize RTK through UBlox M8P series but I like what you are doing the the M8T series as it allows for Galileo GNSS and the M8P doesn’t.

Here is the relevant portion to the PX4 documentation for current RTK use as well as the current driver in github:

I would be more than glad to work with you guys to directly integrate and support the driver in PX4 as well as list it as a supported PX4 device and write up the relevant info in the dev/user guides but I would probably need to better understand how you currently utilize mavlink, qgc, and driver in ArduPilot, etc to be able to port it.

Just take a look at the reach integration in ardupilot. It also uses Nuttx and it also talks mavlink :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think it is more or less the same as ArduPilot. In place of ERB you can just use NMEA. While I have not checked, correction injection should work out of the box through MAVLINK.

If you need more information passed to the autopilot, we take feature requests on expanding ERB.

Their requirements for ERB are the same as mine were. The information that I requested Emlid to implement was Mavlink specific, and not ardupilot specific.

That means that PX4 will want to have the same stuff that I wanted.
So … you can now implement the missing stuff that you refused to implement when I asked :slightly_smiling_face:
vel_acc uint32_t Speed uncertainty in meters * 1000 (positive for up).

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