Using zigbee for DGPS communication

We use zigbee kind of probee(zu-10) for DGPS communication.
So, we set input is serial and output is serial(probee) in strsvr of rtklib for base station.
And we set in rtknavi, rover is serial, base station is serial(probee) for rover. Then we go into action. However, It doesn’t communicate.
If you know using comminication module for DGPS, could you tell us please…?

Could you please post a picture and screenshots of how everything is set up? Are you using Reach modules?

Thanks for answering about my question.

We have two reach modules. At first, we do experience for u-blox like that picture .

We input coordinate information in base station setting.

We set options like that picture. Com1 is probee.

We set rover options through RTKNAVI.
Com5 is probee.

This is running screen. We think these disconnect. By any chance, do you use any ways? What is problem about disconnect?

please, reply…!

Sorry, but we can’t provide support for 3rd party hardware.