Using the Edison web server on the Reach module

I am using the Reach module with the latest firmware (2.?) image and ReachView app.

I was wondering if the Reach module is using the default Linux distribution and the built-in Edison web server, or just exactly what the web server setup is. I haven’t poked around there - yet.

Also, are there any extensions to the web server (php, perl, mod_python)?

My goal is to add “just one” web page that calls a python program on the Edison. I would then code a short python script to return some data to the web page…

Of course, I don’t want to interfere with the rtklib / Reachview system. But I also don’t want to install a second web server. Instead, I just want to augment what is already running.

Ok - I did some sleuthing on the Edison module. It appears that ReachView is running as a Python program with its own web server supplied by the Python program.

I’m not that experienced with Python, but after a few hours, I’ll better understand the structure.

The short of it is that a “regular web server” is not being used on the Edison.

So, for my purposes, a Python program that interacts with the Edison and reports via http, the best route is to do what Emlid did and write a small web server in Python, and use the Intel mraa library to access the Edison hardware. The Python code can then format text/html responses for a web browser.