Using the base's external radio with the rover's internal radio

Is there a possibility of installing an external radio only in the base and keeping the internal one in the rover?


I would say yes, as long as the base radio and the rover radio emits/receives on the same band. I think something similar has been done before and shared on this forum.

Haven’t seen any LoRa boosters, any reason why you don’t want to run a radio on the rover?

Hi, most likely not possible, because the external radio would have to be compatible with Emlid’s LoRa radio used on the internal radio, which is using Emlid’s propriety protocol. You would have to use two similar external radios.


The main reason is not having anything hanging from the Rover. Nothing that could get tangled up in tree branches or anything like that.

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Unfortunately, there’s not really an alternative

I will say though you do rarely get snagged on trees if you’re conscious of your equipment when walking through bushes

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Hi guys,

As Mark said, Reach LoRa radios use the custom protocol. Because of that, they work only with LoRa radios of other Reach units.

So you can either work with a pair of LoRa radios connected to the Reach base and rover. In this case, you’ll still need to connect external LoRa antennas to the units. Or use a pair of 3rd-party external radios connected to the receivers via Serial.


Hello friend, I work in Patagonia, and I will tell you that many of us who use this equipment around here need it to be as comfortable as possible, it is dense forest, often with wetlands… you can be careful with the equipment for the first 20 minutes , then it’s already a nuisance… that’s why it’s important to have the possibility of using only one radio…

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