Using speed command from pi to control the landing

As a beginner, my question maybe stupid. I want to control the landing process of the UAV, and the vertical landing speed is computed by raspberry pi. Is it possible to realize it? Thanks!


Hello! I hope that LAND_SPEED_HIGH is the parameter you’re after :slight_smile: Take a look at the ArduCopter docs where you can find a more elaborate description.

Thank you very much. It seems there is a long way to go as a beginner

hi staroselskiy,
what I want to do is: using the raspberry pi camera to take pictures continuously in the landing process, by analyzing the pictures, get the desired landing speed, then let the UAV land with the desired speed. Is it possible? I did not find any project which uses pi camera to control the UAV, so I am confused now.

It seems like this thread might help. It has some kind of a working solution also. I suggest starting from there and may be also bumping the thread.

For the navio2 docs, like the RGB LED part, we can not run the sudo ./LED code when the ardupilot is running. Is that right? I thought if we can let the pi do its own task while the navio2 is doing ardupilot, it would be simple.

One more question, for raspi and navio2, does the pi only make the navio2 into autopilot mode? what else can pi do? What’s the advantage of navio2 compared with other autopilot with 2 circuit boards working together?