Using RS3 as Rover with RS+ as Base?

I have two RS+ units which I’ve used together for several years, and just got an RS3. I was hoping to use the RS+ as a base unit, with manually entered coordinates and sending corrections over LoRa, and then use the RS3 as a rover. I attempted to do this this afternoon, but I was never able to achieve a fix.

Is it possible to use an RS+ for an RS3? If so, what are the settings I need on both? I had hoped this was the case, since the RS+ would just be used for sending a set of manually entered coordinates over LoRa.

Hi @tpl124,

Single-band units can’t act as bases for multi-band ones in RTK. They only broadcast L1 observations, while multi-band receivers require at least L1 and L2 for proper calculation.

So you need to consider the purchase of a multi-band base such as Reach RS2+ if you intend to work via LoRa. Or you can work with a single Reach RS3 and the NTRIP service if there’s sufficient cell and NTRIP coverage.

Thanks for this - I suspected as much. Can an RS+ single band unit be used as a rover with a multi-band base unit? And if so, what are the settings that I need?

I think so… but the RS+ rover will still perform as a RS+ single L1 band receiver. I.e. no fast fix or difficult fix in rough conditions.

I guess only good if u use RS3 as base and need to run both RS+ receivers at the same time. Or don’t have internet, cellular or network connection to a CORS etc at all… but just LoRa to get the job done, then correct your data later.

Hi @tpl124,

Yes, it can. You can check these two sections of our docs:

As @timd1971 correctly mentioned, you won’t get much benefit from using a multi-band IMU receiver as a base and a single-band as a rover. I’d use it as a backup in remote areas with a clear sky view.

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