Using RS2's position via mock location in a 3rd party Android app

I have a general question. I use the RS2 with NTRIP daily with success. I use Emlid Flow with success and we also successfully use a 3rd party offline data collection app called DiamondMaps. When connecting the RS2 to the DiamondMaps offline app, without opening the Flow app, I can connect to the RS2, the connection status is RTK and I can see the RawNAD83Lat/RawNAD83Long which is the datum that the RTK network provides corrections and I can see the adjusted WGS84 Lat/Long and the horizontal precision is listed at 0.03ft. DiamondMaps staff ensured me that they are only consuming the GPS positional data and converting it to WGS84 Lat/Long. I have position 1 set to streaming NEMA data via Bluetooth. My question is, without opening Flow and creating a project and selecting horizontal and vertical datums, how does the RS2 decide which NTRIP profile to default to and how can I confirm what RTK port/language, horizontal datum (EPSG) and vertical datum (NAVD88 or Ellipsoidal) is being used?

Thanks in advance. If more info is needed please let me know!


As the current NTRIP profile is stored in the internal memory of the device, it uses the last one that were applied by the user in the configuration.

What do you mean by RTK port/language ?

The datum is linked to the base station coordinates used in the RTK positioning. In most of the cases, they are geodetic coordinates, meaning that the datum is a 3D datum. In your case, likely NAD83. The conversion to horizontal and vertical values is made by the rover app from the geodetic coordinates the rover computed.

Just as a note, be careful using the term WGS84 when you do precise survey. WGS84 is what you have when you are in Single mode. If you are in Fixed mode, even if coordinates are expressed in lat/long, they are in NAD83.

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Thanks for the insight.

Last used NTRIP configuration, thanks!

As far as the RTK port/language, we use generally MSM4 and I just wanted to verify that was what was being used. But if it defaults to the last used configuration then it should be set to use our normal setup.

With regard to WGS84: The 3rd party app, DiamondMaps, runs on WGS84 (EPSG: 4326) and they convert the NAD83 data to WGS84.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Thanks again.

Hi Anthony,

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Just wanted to confirm what Florian said. In RTK, the datum of the NMEA output from Reach RS2 is the same as the base datum. So if you get corrections in NAD83, Reach RS2 will also stream the position in it.

As for the NTRIP profile, you can check the one currently in use and change it if necessary in Correction input ➝ NTRIP ➝ Edit.

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