Using RS2 with Google Earth

I have collected points with RS2/Field Genius and then imported them into Google Earth Pro for drawing field terraces using the advantages of the satellite images. Is it possible to use RS2 for GPS correction in Google Earth Pro and collect the points that way. Having the background image would make it work better for my application.


I would really like that too! Not necessarily Google Earth, but some services that provide imagery instead of vector map.

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Hey there,

We’re considering adding imagery maps in ReachView app, but I can’t provide any timelines for now.

In the meantime, you can substitute your Android phone position with Reach coordinates in real-time. After that, you can collect points in 3rd party GIS apps that support satellite images.

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I am working now with the imagery. You can get a free plan for scientific purposes. The best thing is, that the satellites, that they are using, are taking imagery of the same spot several times per week.

I am not sure, what do you mean by “use RS2 for GPS correction in Google Earth Pro”. You want to georeference satellite images with the use of RS2 points?


I want to use the RS2 for real time location that is displayed in Google Earth Pro. Currently I can select “show my location” and it will identify where I am, but it doesn’t update as I move. I would like to know if I can use the real time location from the RS2 to display on the Google Earth Pro map my live location.

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