Using RS2 as a base station (known point) with Phantom P4 Multispectral


We have a DJI P4 Multispectral and we want to find a way to get corrections with a known point using the RS2. At the moment, we can get corrections through VRS using the Dji GS Pro. But we want to have the ability to get the corrections from the EMLID. I read the thread for doing this using the Phantom 4 RTK, but this multispectral unit apparently runs differently. I have the knowledge to collect and input a known point, but I don’t know how to set it up, using the mention approached. I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


It should work exactly the same as the P4RTK, but this note on their site contradicts itself. You can’t NTRIP or use the Emlid Caster without internet…


Look on page 20 of the manual.

Hi @avelez,

We haven’t tested the Reach RS2 base with the DJI P4 Multispectral drone. If the drone can get RTCM3 correction via NTRIP, it should be possible to integrate it with Reach the same way as DJI Phantom 4 RTK. In this case, the DJI Phantom RTK and Reach RS2 base integration guide may be of help to you.

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I am confused. What is the app used for Phantom 4 RTK?
I was under the impression the only app that this P4 Multispectral can be used is DJI GS Pro.
I can only connect directly to a VRS. I am trying to collect a known point and use the EMLID as a base station for the P4 Multispectral:

Is there another app that allows doing this? Or it just for the Phantom 4 RTK only?


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Maybe this will help. Set the RS2 to send corrections via NTRIP. It should be pretty much the exact same setup.

Hey @avalez, have you had any luck with this? I’m trying to do the same thing.

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