Using RS2 as a Base Station for an excavator

We’re getting ready to start using a Cat Grade with 3D for a project and finding out that it requires a local base station to use the auto grading features. Would using my RS2 as a base station be sufficient for this purpose? I haven’t seen much documentation on the Cat but I’m pretty sure it uses the dual band receivers so I think, in theory, everything should work out.

And then is it a simple matter of getting an actual surveyor to survey in a known reference point or 3 throughout the project and then setting up the base?


If you have an RTK network, run it off of that. Otherwise, you will need data connectivity at the base station to transmit corrections via NTRIP. You will need data connectivity on the machine regardless of which way you go. CAT usually comes with Trimble so that is the only brand that can transmit radio corrections.

So I would just set up the dozer to run off my NTRIP (FPRN) just like I normally would with my RS2?

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Correct. The only problem with that is that you have to have data service.

Hi @Cowboys703,

Reach RS2+ should work fine as a base if your excavator supports NTRIP. In that case, you can use Emlid Caster to transmit corrections.

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