Using ROS 2

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has used ROS 2 with their Navio 2? If so, what OS were you using and how well did it work/how easy was the install? I was also wondering if it possible to use the “developer” (listed in the Navio2 documentation) code provided by Emlid on a standard Raspian image (like the code listed here)? I do not plan on using Ardupilot, so can I use a default image (or possibly even Ubunut Mate?) and still use your examples and libraries?


Hi @zolkin,

I haven’t tried to use ROS 2 on Navio2, however, the original ROS works fine.

It’s not possible to use this code on a standard raspbian image as Navio2 sensors are controlled by RCIO firmware that isn’t open source.

However, you can build your own raspbian image for Navio2 using pi-gen tool according to your needs.

Our kernel source code might be of help as well.

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