Using RFD900 radios?

Any one using rfd900 radios have pictures of their setup and-or can describe the setup and how you look at data as you set out points etc? Is power passed thru reach to radio etc.

I seem to have trouble following the documentation as said elswere on here some examle setups wold be very useful to alot of us.

Thanks in advance
Jim is the only thing I’ve seen.

Yes thanks but It does not show how its all put together. But I guess will try it later today


I think that the RFD radios should have a better way of showing you the pins that you need to use.

With the RFD radios lying with the heat sink downward, the bottom row of pins are the ones you need to connect to.

From left to right while looking at the pins, you need to connect to number 1 with a ground and number 5 with a 5 volts power supply. Pins number 7 and 9 are Rx and Tx.

If you look very closely at the radio where the pins are soldered, You will see the numbering and the word, BOOT.


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Thanks Larry

But I guess I am stumped here. What cables to use for base and what for rover then how to communicate with them Do you use reachview app or ? Can I attach the base radio to the laptop and connect to the reach by wifi or some other way or do I just need to be connected to the rover for example if I am setting out GCP?



mr337 in the above link gave you the info on how to connect the RFD radios.

The radios will give you a wireless link between the Rover and the Base. The RFD 900 mhz radios can give you a number of miles for your wireless connection between the Base and Rover Reach receivers.

If you use wifi to connect the Base and the Rover using a cellphone hot spot for example, you will only have a wireless connection that is good for a few hundred feet at best.

To get RTK cm accuracy you need to have correction data going to your Rover. A Reach receiver working as a Base station or a CORS network can provide the correction data to have your Rover give you cm accuracy for placing GCP markers.



Pictures of setup:
Power passed through Reach to radio:
How you look at data as you set out points: