Using Reach RS+ withTrimble R10 as Base and Rover pair

Hello - I am trying to figure out the best way to use the Trimble R10 (with TSC3 controller) and Reach RS+. There does not seem to be a definitive method explained. Can someone help clarify the best method? I am trying to get the Trimble and Reach RS+ on the same radio frequency and there does not seem to be an overlap of available frequencies. Is post-processing the only way?
Thank you very much!

The radios aren’t compatible, so there no use trying unless you connect an external radio up (that will talk using the same frequency and radio protocol as the Trimble’s radio) to the Reach Rs+ via the serial port or bluetooth.

You also need to set your R10 to output RTCM3 corrections.

Thanks Harry. So post-processing is the only way to do it without added hardware?

No it doesn’t have to be post processing necessarily. There are other ways of getting corrections into each device. The R10 has a cellular radio, WiFi and bluetooth.

If you’re working in any area with cellular coverage you could use NTRIP and a free caster like SNIP to connect the rover and base.


Unfortunately. we will be working where there is no cell coverage- which is the reason we got the second GPS unit.

as cost efficient as the Reach RS is, just add another unit and use LoRa… only problem, takes forever to get one after ordered. : (

Slowly coming to the realization that I should have gotten 2 though I have also heard that ultimately, post-processing will always be more accurate than real-time corrections?

yes, but if you need real-time, then (2) RS units really helps. Just depends on your application and how accurate you practically need to be. I know, one of those deals… maybe you can figure out a way to get the them to communicate somehow… don’t give up, might find a way… do some youtubing and googling! ; )

I will probably buy another RS unit as a backup given the amount of tyime I’d have to wait if ever a problem came up that would put me at a stand still.

Is this maybe your solution right in front of you? ; )

If not, reaching here… depending on distance required here… wifi? Battery powered Wifi with extenders or repeaters? Hell, big roll of ethernet cable? : /

No longer willing to put more money into Trimble hardware! I would buy another Emlid first. No- I think I can make the post processing thing work. I’ve got the field method for the R10 using a great Trimble app called Trimble DL while the Reach RS+ method is also easy so now all I have to do is learn RTKLIB, oh, and before that, find the best way to convert the proprietary Trimble files format (T02) to Rinex. Anything missing?

The only way you’ll get this setup to work with real-time corrections is to get hold of a Trimble or PDL radio and connect it via serial cable to the Reach RS acting as a rover. Setup your Trimble as the base sending it’s corrections out via it’s radio using RTCM.

You will not be able to do the reverse and have the Reach RS acting as the base and the Trimble as the rover. Myself and others have been trying to do just that, as discussed in another thread with no success.

So if you want / need real-time correction, your real options are (a) buy a new or secondhand compatible radio for the Reach or (b) buy another Reach. Whichever option is cheaper or more useful for you long term.

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Hi Paul,

As @DirtyHarry said earlier, the only workaround you can implement without any external equipment is the post-processing, if there is no Internet access to use an NTRIP caster.

So yes, there are 2 ways to resolve the issue: you can purchase the second RS+ unit to make them communicate via LoRa radio or any external radio compatible with both Reach and your receiver.

I appreciate the answer- thank you! Given that I don’t need real-time corrections. I will post-process.

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