Using REACH module with NTRIP Client on Android phone

Has anyone used the REACH module with the “NTRIP Client” Android software ( This software has Bluetooth receiver settings (similar to the “Bluetooth GPS” Android software, which is recommended by EMLID), in addition to having the NTRIP settings. This software gets installed, whenever someone installs the RTKGPS+ Android software. I am waiting for my REACH module to ship, and I want to connect it to my Samsung NOTE 4 (via Bluetooth) and use the free NTRIP correction data (offered by Florida department of transportation) to obtain accurate positions for surveying.

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Ask him, he is very approachable. But is seems to me the core issue (if you want to be self contained) if how to best get the REACH base station observations to a NTRIP Caster. FDOT runs a good network (free, but you must sign up). As long as you can keep your baseline under ~10k should work fine. We used uBlox and RTKLIB in Tampa the same way at a recent convention.


Did you ever get anywhere with this? If so, what is your setup?

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This topic is getting old and Emlid has pushed alot of new features and fixes.
Closing this one as you have a similar thread i have answered in

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