Using reach in the UK

hi there.
i am really enjoying working with the emlid reach receiver, i am using rtk2go ,i am in the UK
but i only get a float reading.
i am connected to priory hill farm which is 120 km away from me.
is there any UK users on this forum that can help?
super regards Jason

120km you will most likely only ever get float.
And to get a good position will require a 24 hour average.

L1 GPS has it limitations

Use a local base (second reach unit) or a reference station within 10km

Agree with @Simon_Allen.
For RTK you need much shorter baseline. However, for PPK it should perfectly doable to get a Fix solution with that baseline given you have good skyview at your rover-site.

Hi @maritimenovelties,

As was said above, 120 km is too far. The baseline for RTK shouldn’t exceed 10 km for the best performance.

thank you for the advise everyone.
best regards jason.

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