Using Reach for navigation on Navio 2?


So I have a Reach unit, a Navio 2, a Pi3, and the Reach base staton. Can I use the Reach unit onboard the aircraft to provide position information to the autopilot ? If so can someone point me in the direction of the wring diagram ? I really do not want to use two GPS antennas on one airframe.



Here you go

Ah, but where do I now connect my telemetry modem (RFD868x) ? I am guessing a TTL-to-USB is the only option ? Or is there another spare serial port on the Raspberry Pi 40 pin header ?

You will need to use a USB radio on the Navio side

So what is the meaning of this comment on that page ?

“Attention. It is recommended to use Reach as a second GPS unit only.”

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