Using radio for communication


I’m a newbie in rtk and reach, so I have some questions.

Is it possible that the rover and the base station communicate over different wlan hotspots?
I have try it to connect but the rover runs only in single mode. If i use the same Network it works fine.

What for radio modules are recommended to connect rover and base station?

Which of the followings settings should work?

  • base: usb radio -> rover: usb radio
  • base: usb radio -> rover: uart radio
  • base: uart radio -> rover: usb radio
  • base: uart radio -> rover: uart radio

What is a recommend lecture to understand RTK more in detail?

Thanks for help!



If you are using two different networks they have to be bridged somehow for one Reach to get data from another.

It does not matter which interface is used for radio on both ends, so any of the combinations should work fine.

Most guides about RTK on the internet are usually receiver specific.
Navipedia has some explanation of how RTK works.
We are giving some advice about how to achieve better RTK solutions by properly placing an antenna and configuring Reach in our docs.


You say that you have 2 different wlan hotspots. If you tell us how those two wlan hotspots can communicate with each other, maybe we can help. (Are they connected by ethernet cable directly to each other, or are they each connected to the Internet at different locations)

To answer your other question, this radio setup works for me:

  • base: uart radio -> rover: uart radio

I have not tried the other setups.

Thank you for answering.

I use 2 wlan hotspots, both hotspots are provided by several smartphone which are connected to the internet.
I would test the accuracy of the modules over a lager distance. But I am not sure which is the right setup for such a test.

I don’t have any radio modules until now.

Which modules are recommendable?
Can I use all kinds of radio modules?
(I would prefer the power supply with usb)

Thank you


I am using the RFD900+ radios which are working good for me, but they are limited in what they can do. Your smartphone hotspots with internet connection might be a better solution for you. Unfortunately I have no experience with that, but someone else may be able to help you.