Using PPK how to get more accuracy while post processing and what way is the best way to measure the offsets

Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to calculate offset from camera to ppk and also how to calculate x, y and Z offsets while post processing in emlid studio software. please h

elp with the below image.

Hi @prashanthu0011,

There is no feature to add the antenna offset in Emlid Flow. In general, you can apply Z shift as an antenna height. However, there is no option to apply the offset in the X and Y dimensions.

I believe some photogrammetric software, like Agisoft, has an option to compensate for the offset. I suggest contacting your software support team about this.

Hi @ruth.bongon Thanks for the reply. We use Agisoft software for processing and it has no option of entering the offset values. I wanted to know how come we will get the X, Y and Z dimensions offset accuracy without entering the offsets. Could you please explain me on this?