Using Ntrip without a SIM card

Is there a tutorial for how to use the Reach RS2 (without a SIM card), a cell phone and Ntrip ?

Should work with RS2 too i guess.
I use ntrip and Lefebure with RS/RS+ without shared wifi.
Lefebure sends correction over bluetooth or TCP.

See if this short description works for you

If not, shared wifi with your phone and let RS2 connect will also work.

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I setup my hotspot on the phone and NTRIP through the RS2. Works fine.

Hey there,

Just wanted to add that we have detailed guides on how to work with NTRIP services on RS2 and how to connect the receiver to the Internet. They might be of help.

Yes, I have been successful in using Ntrip however the Reach RS2 should be able to post process data with NGS OPUS or it’s usability goes down dramatically. This would be a shame for a receiver that has so much potential.

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Hi Tim,

It’s possible to use Reach RS2 with the OPUS. You can read more about it in our guide.

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