Using navio2 on top of another hat

Hi guys, I am in need of using a powerful servo, so I will need to use a motor shield for my application. I was thinking about using this one in here but as you guys can see its also a hat. Would it work to put the navio on top of this shield? Similar to this

Any other tips about how to drive a 12V servo would be appreciated.

If your servo uses PWM signals, you could connect the signal line to the Navio and ground/power directly to the 12V power source. This is what I do with HV servos in RC cars for example.
Otherwise, the chances that the servo shield and Navio do not share any GPIOs is slim.

the board you want to use seems to be communicating over I2C: there shoudn’t be any any issues together with Navio2/rpi;

in terms of (mechanical) stability - I would just connect SDA and SCL from I2C to your PWM-hat and install it beside Navio2/rpi;

@george.staroselskiy may has some deeper insight than me

Sebastian and Benedikt already gave excellent advices. I can only add that we need more information about these particular servos to assist you more.

Hi everybody thanks for the replies. The servo that I want to use is this one

I am using the following power distribution board
According to Sebastian, could I connect the power and ground lines of the servo to this board and and the signal to the navio2?

I want to save as much weight as possible,so If I can avoid an extra board its a big win.
Thanks !!

I think you should research a little bit more.
The Dynamixel servo uses a TTL data connection and will not work with the servo HAT you linked or with the Navio servo outputs. You could connect it to the Navios UART port, but Arducopter will not be able to control the servo. You will need to write your own code.
Why do you need to use a robotics servo?

Hi, sorry about that, didnt realized it was not pwm. Im not using ardupilot, my drone is completely controlled by my own control system that I made using python. I need a strong servo because I am implementing wing tilting on my drone. So I need a large rotor contact area for a more stable connection between the wing and fuselage.

It seems like ROS fits in nicely. Take a look at this ROS node.