Using my own ground station application

Hi im a newbie and im building an octocopter uav using the navio+. Im thinking of using the APM autopilot to fly the UAV. My question is, does the APM autopilot requires APM Planner or Mission Planner as ground station? Is it possible to integrated my own ground station app on the APM autopilot?


It is not necessary to use Mission Planner or APM Planner (even though they are the most suitable GCSs for APM).
APM is controlled over MAVLink so you can use other MAVLink-compatible GCS like DroidPlanner, UGCS or even write your own.

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as far as i understand regarding UGCS station, it is only used for planning missions ??
I havent found any functionality for parameterizing the controllers (e.g compass calibration, battery monitoring, etc)

Does that mean that I must use mission planner or apm planner always in order to first setup the several parameters of a quadcopter, and then be able to use UGCS for mission planning only ??

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Tower for Android help you to modify parameters and some setup.

QGroundControl seems promising also for setup but I experienced some unexpected quit on my Lollipop Nexus7 tablet (second gen).

At the field, I use Tower for Flying, Navigation setup and Parameters modification. 3DR 433 Mhz radio on both ends.