Using mRobotucs GPS/Compass with Navio2

I’m using a Navio2, Arduplane 3.8.3, and an mRobotics GPS/Compass unit with an integrated HMC-5893 compass unit.

I hooked up the GPS to a serial port through one of the USB ports, configured a -B telemetry switch and it works well.

I configured the compass as #3 and external like I did with my stand-alone HMC-5893 units. I connect the compass port on the mRobotics unit to the Navio2’s I2C port.

The Navio2 detects the presence of the compass but it does not get heading from it. Mission Planner displays EKF compass variance alarms which is strange as external compass #3 should be the only compass in play.

Can you tell me if the Navio2 can support this GPS/Compass?




Please check your compass orientation.
Compass Variance: In the EKF solution, compass heading disagrees with the heading estimate from other inertial sensors.

Thanks Alexey.

Made notes to check the orientation in this type of installation.

In the meantime I decided to use the Navio2’s two internal compasses since there are no electronics near the board. So far, so good.