Using Lora radio with Mission Planner

I’ve got a M2 in a boat I want to use in RTK mode. With our drones I just use PPK, but RTK would work better with this application. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the RS2 base will be anywhere near our ground station running Mission Planner. Can I wire the M2 into the Lora radio on S1 and the Pixhawk Cube on S2? That way the boat gets corrections from the Lora radio and I can monitor the RTK status on Mission Planner?

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Hi Shaun,

Sure, the LoRa radio link should work for you. I see the setup as follows:

Our Ardupilot integration guide contains more info about the setup. The only difference is that it describes how to transmit base corrections via the telemetry link.

NMEA messages provide various info about the solution, including its status. So, you’ll see it in the Mission Planner.

Nice! Thanks for the info!

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