Using Lidar on Edge

Hi, I am trying to connect Leddar one Lidar on edge,

I tried to connect it with seirla2-adc port with serial communication like the link below:

I think I wired it correctly, but settings on QGC seems different.

Anyone tried this? Please help me.


Hi @lacondro,

Can I ask you to post here a photo of Lidar to Edge connection?

I wired like this

Hi @lacondro,

Please make sure you’ve connected:

  • TX Leddar pin to RX Edge pin,
  • RX Leddar pin to TX Edge pin.

To change port configuration you can use SERIAL1_ parameters in QGC.

Thanks, I will try

Hi @tatiana.andreeva

What parameter should check if the distance value is receiving well like the image below?


Hi @lacondro,

In QGC, try to find these parameters in Widgets > Mavlink inspector.

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